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convert g/s to mg/s (grams a second) to (milligrams a stroke)

Published • 2021-03-23 22:46:56 • 0 Comments

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A handy little formula for testing mass air flow meters for range / performance issues.

convert g/s (grams a second) to mg/s (milligrams a stroke)

g/s * 60 * 1000 / rpm / 2

g/s * 60 = g/min
g/min * 1000 = mg/min
mg/min / rpm = mg/revolution
mg/rev / 2 = mg/stroke the 2 is because its a 4 stroke not a two stroke

118.16 * 60 *1000 / 4169 / 2 = 850.28 the live data said 846.4 so thats close enough.

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