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VISION: Below follows some of my little hints and tip some related to diagnostics and others towards general maintenance if you want nything more specific covered please get in touch.

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A handy little formula for testing mass air flow meters for range / performance issues.

convert g/s (grams a second) to mg/s (milligrams a stroke)

g/s * 60 * 1000 / rpm / 2

g/s * 60 = g/min
g/min * 1000 = mg/min
mg/min / rpm = mg/revolution
mg/rev / 2 = mg/stroke the 2 is because its a 4 stroke not a two stroke

118.16 * 60 *1000 / 4169 / 2 = 850.28 the live data…

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 Toyota Prirus to make the engine run enter maintenance mode when for example you have changed the waterpump and you wish to make the engine run and get up to tempreture follow the steps below

  1. Ensure the car is in park
  2. Turn vehicle to accessory mode, Ready-off. On 2001-2003 prii this is two clicks forward on the key, on 2004+ this is pressing the start button twice with your foot off the brake pedal. The display will…


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