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We specialize in full and detailed diagnostic procedures

We Aim to share detailed walkthrough of EODB diagnostic fault codes


Modern cars are incredibly complicated with patchy technical data supplied from multiple sources making life even more difficult for the technician working on the vehicle we aim to put the right information directly in the hands of the technician.

Also have you ever noticed how many cars have lot of codes this doesn't mean you have 5 or 10 separate faults quite often there is one root cause this site should show you the link between these different codes. According to the AA, RAC and Greenflag all three of them put electrical problems or warning lights in their top 10 reasons for breakdown callouts. We aim to show proven real world tests to diagnose to both pinpoint and rule out areas that are at fault. All Information provided at your own risk if you are unsure you should speak to a local mechanic.


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Our Values


MISSION: Were just a small team at the moment. But we dream big.



VISION: I was tired of using multiple sources of information and started to notice Common problems with certain models of cars so i started my own personal database which has sprawlled into this site.


Most recent Fault Codes

Audi Q7 3.0l TDI CRCA

P008700 Fuel Rail / System pressure…


Vw Passat 2013 2.0l tdi-cr (CFFB)

00290 ABS Wheel Speed Sensor, Rear…



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