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Fiat doblo p0237 turbo pressure

Cascade Fault Code: •

Affected Models: Fiat •

Fiat doblo 1.3 16v jtd (263.A2.000)
Manegment light is on no loss of performance untill engine spardically goes into limp mode.

Fault codes present P02367 Turbo pressure

When viewing the live data through a diagnostic tool you need to look at the current and desired bosst pressure streams. The boost pressure was peeking much higher than the desired maximun desired max boost was approx 2300mbr the actual pressure was closer to 2700mbr

The pivit for the turbo control valve was siezed by the treaded adjuster. We removed the turbo actuator unsiezed the pivot and then refit confirm fix by road test max pressure never exceded 2300 mbr

Published • 2021-03-28 09:56:23 • 0 Comments

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