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Glossar der Fachbegriffe

Artikel Beschreibung
ABS Anti-Lock Breaking System a safety system designed to stop wheels locking under hard braking.
ACC Adaptive cruise control allows your car to maintain a consistant road speed until it encouters a slower moving vechcle it can the slow down or speed up to maintain a preset distance from that vechcle.
AD-Blue A liquid addative that is inserted into the DPF filter to Regenerate the system.
AWD The power from the engine is driven to all four wheels sometimes called 4WD.
Bi-turbo Twin turbochargers somtimes run in series other times run in parrarel, e.g. a V6 engine may have twin turbochargers one for each back so running in parrarel a straight 4 engine may have a big turbo and little turbo with contol systems to switch between them depending on engine speed and load.
CAN bus A Controller Area Network - A car communication standard linking systems allowing sharing of common information broadcast around the vechcle, For example road speed is broadcast around the network to be consumed by any systems that require that information from the instrument panel for displaying speed to the driver to the radio for speed dependant volumn control.
CVT Constant Variable Trasnmission A single speed variable ratio gearbox that allows seamless acceleration.
DPF Diesel Particulate Filter an emmissions regulateray device fitted in the exhaust system designed to captue large soot particles.
DSG Direct-Shift Gearbox A Dual-Clutch gearbox which allows either full automatic or semi-automatic.
EODB European On-Board Diagnostics - A standard of diagnostic communication first mandatory from the 1 Jan 2001 on Petrols and 2003 for Diesel cars.
ESC Electronic Stability Control - Similar to Anti Lock brakes but takes into account laterial and logitudinal forces to alter breaking pressure to specific wheels also know as DSP (Dynamic Stability Control) or ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
EVAP Evaporative Emmisions Control System - Stops fuel vapours escaping the vechcle fuel tank or breather systems.
FWD Power from the engine is driven to only the front wheel.
HYBRID A vechcle that uses two or more distinct power sources such as a petrol or diesel engine or an electic motor.
Lambda sensor A measument device in the exhaust system to measure the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gasses.
LPG Liquid Petroleum Gas - A mixture of propane and butane that can be used in stead of petrol.
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer - the people who build the vechcle.
PHEV Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle - A hybrid battery and internal combustion engine whereby the battery can be charged by an outside source.
NOx A by product of combustion at high tempretures, Nitrogen Oxide there is great concern about health implications for humans including respiritory deseases.
RWD The power from the engine is only driven to the rear wheel.
Supercharger A way of forcing more air into an internal combustion enghine to increase power and effiecency thes are generally belt driven.
TCS Traction Control System - An electronic sytem that reduces the amount of wheel spin by cutting engine power.
TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitoring System - Infroms the driver of the current tyre pressures warning of low pressures.
Turbocharger A way of Forcing more air into an internal combution engine to increase power and effiecency they are driven from the waste exhaust gasses early systems were "laggy" due to the time taken for exhast gas to spin the impeller leading to the design of Varable Geometery Turbochargers and some Bi-turbo setups
VGT Varable Geometry Turbochargers - A turbocharger where the angle of attack of the incomming flow of exhaust gasses can be changed in order to reduce the amount time taken for the Impleller to spin up
VVT Variable Valve Timing - An engine system that allows dynamic adjustment of the valve opening duration to imporve power and economy.


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